Our Stuffed Animals

Wild animals, forest animals, domestic animals, fruits and vegetables, main characters of seasonal celebrations like Easter, Halloween, Christmas (Santa Claus, a snowman or Santa’s reindeer…), heroes of fairy tales or children stories (the Seven Dwarfs, a rabbit or a bat…): our Planète Mascottes catalogue will help you make the difference throughout the years, following the traditional calendar events or matching any festive occasion you can imagine !

To keep on seducing your prospects, retain your customers and develop the likeability of your company, works committee or association, you should also discover our range of soft toys! As a much-appreciated product, a soft toy sporting your signature logo is a playful way to reach out to all ages. Why? Just because we have to admit we all remain a child at heart forever.

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Planet Stuffed Animals, complementary professionals to Planète Mascottes

The Planet Mascot team is positioning itself as an expert in the creation process and manufacturing of custom-made soft toys. We make a point of listening carefully and paying close attention to your project, going through every detail with you in order to make the soft toy of your dream, representing your company or association, come to life.

Your own signature soft toy

Friend for the young ones, office colleague for older ones, decorative object for some or even collectable for others, a soft toy is a timeless must! It will help your company be strongly remembered.

From a fluffy key chain to a cuddly bear for kids, from an advertising product to a child’s toy, we can suggest personalized solutions to increase your visibility towards your clients and prospects for months.

Promotion, gift, advertising: the entirely adaptable solutions offered by Planet Mascot regarding the manufacturing of plush toys will pleasantly surprise you and quickly help you boost your communication, taking into consideration the colour, shape and valuation of your logo!

A real friendly medium of communication, the soft toy as a promotional product helps you give a lift to your image and please your networks. This must have gift is the perfect way to create a strong and dynamic relationship! This marketing material will be kept and carried everywhere, serving the circulation of your image!

Creating a custom soft toy

Whether it is an animal or character-based plush toy (dragon, marmot, hippopotamus, bear, squirrel, dinosaur, fox, man or Martian…), our team is appreciated for being attentive to the quality of each product and for its expertise throughout the manufacturing process of the toy.

Refer your idea to our team, who will bring it to life! As a manufacturer of advertising plush toys, all types of custom toys produced by Planète Mascottes meet EC standards. From stuffed animals and soft toys to plush characters, our production process strictly follows European standards.

From the first briefing to the delivery of your order anywhere in France, we are committed to stay by your side and help you give life to your custom soft toy project, thus helping you reach the communication goals set in your promotional strategy.

Please note that the privileged relationships established with our workshop partners guarantee the best value for money over the years, and a perfect control over the production.


Top Mascot values applied at your toys

Paying close attention to the production of each toy manufactured in its partner’s workshops, Planète Mascottes attaches as much importance to listening to your needs than to the creation of toys, powerful drivers of brand image for your company.

Assuming that every business entity has its own identity and goals to reach, we don’t have a catalogue for soft toys basic models. As experts of custom-made soft toys creation, our team would rather listen to you and your specific needs in terms of colour, size, shape…

Greatly skilled in producing professional advertising soft toys in France, Planète Mascottes get involved in your communication challenges. From the briefing to the delivery of your custom toys, caring, involvement, availability and respect of the norms and standards are our guiding principles.

Quality and security of our manufacturing concept are made a daily priority. The team is very concerned about wisely selecting fabrics and padding (polyester cotton).

Details and logos using embroidery or silk screening are carefully manufactured before sewing together the different parts of your promotional soft toy. Conforming to legislation in force, EC and EN71 standards, our custom cuddly toys for professionals are a real boost for your communication!

A tested methodology approved by hundreds of clients…

Expert in manufacturing custom soft toys, Planet Mascot is the perfect partner in making your project a success!

To give you full satisfaction and guarantee fair pricing for quality products that meet your expectations throughout the year, our team has set up an eleven-step methodology.


Together, we exchange on your project plush advertising: design, finish, number of copies, target, size, lead time, delivery schedule ... We review all the criteria to establish a precise specifications.


Upon receipt of your visual, we analyze your project to know the feasibility, constraints and technical solutions related to your future plush. Our expertise in creating plush allows us to advise you on the level of finish and the ideal size of your stuffed toy.


Having checked all product information with you, we establish a customized quotation based on a minimum of 500 toys, and send it to you.


As soon as the quotation is validated your project starts: we launch the manufacturing of your cuddly toy in flesh and blood (or threads and plush).


We study every possible technical solution to get the cuddly toy of your dreams the best value for money. We carry out this study considering your priorities: quality, price, production schedule, safety of the toy.


Sketch, drawing, example… our designers will imagine your custom soft toy from our exchanges and the illustrations and other elements you give us. The manufacturing of the plush toy prototype takes at least two weeks. A copy of this sample will be sent to you for validation, while another copy will be tested in laboratory experiments.


We carry out conformance tests on the product: NF EN 71-2+A1 (04-2014) norms, flammability and safety tests, NF EN 71-1 (12-2014) norms, mechanical and physical properties.


Once the laboratory has given certification and validates the toy, we can produce it in series. Production time depends on the number of models chosen and your choice of transport.


According to your needs, we determine a specific mode of transport: by ship, air, road… Our team of experts will keep you posted about the best mode of transport and the order’s progress.


At the arrival of your products, we stock and control them to check their correct execution.


Once we checked the quality of the products, we deliver you in one or several locations, in accordance with your wishes. We are able to take over simultaneous sending or staggered consignments throughout the year, according to your storage and supply requirements

Top Mascot achievements and references

Since every custom soft toy order is different and applies to your own strategy in terms of target, service and product valuation, we will remain committed to meet your expectations.

Like hundreds of other clients, make the most of the fresh and playful air injected by Top Mascot into your promotional strategy!

Discover now a few examples of our references and achievements for various industries we work with, such as automotive sector, transports, computer science, tourism, sport… on the website dedicated to our work from our partner planet soft toys :

Please contact us for further information and discuss your custom soft toy project : our team is ready to listen and help!