Your custom-made mascot costume !

Are you looking for something to boost your brand identity? We have the solution! Nothing beats a mascot when it comes to building your communication strategy. Whatever your target, the mascot costume adds a real value when you want to retain your customers, or expand your audience. Our teams are ready to listen and offer you THE mascot that fits you, whatever your requirements.

At Top Mascot, all our products are top quality and made in France. Local production and sustainable development are very important values to us. We also have partners in Germany, Canada, Mexico, with whom we collaborate on some projects that require specific experts or advanced technologies.

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A wide range of products

As experts in customisation, we have a large range of products to adapt to your choices. Are you into wild animal , forest animals , farm animals , characters or even fruits and vegetables ? Would you rather go for a mascot representing an object, or a character? There is something for every taste! Top Mascot will help you with personalised advice to give life to your mascot costume. For an even larger than life effect, we can also customise your mascot costume with the expression of your choice (joy, smile, surprise, fear, etc.). In other terms, we’re here for you, to fulfil all of your desires.

You can choose lots of different elements for the manufacturing of your custom-made mascot costume: fabric, size, covering, logo, and even accessories. Please feel free to ask our team for any suggestion.

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? … Did you know?

All our products are made in France !

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Production stages


Before creating your mascot costume, we need to know more about what your requirements. Nothing easier! You just have to send us a visual for the mascot of your dreams; it could be a picture, a drawing or a sketch, with as much information as possible. This will help our teams respond optimally to your request. Running out of inspiration? Don’t panic! Our creative team is here to help, ready to offer you advices of how to design your custom mascot.


When the briefing is validated with our teams, we will send you a quotation request to confirm your order. As soon as you return it signed, it’s a go!


Once the quotation signed, let’s be creative! Our graphic designers team will be in charge of producing a computer-aided visual. Its purpose? Showing you precisely what your future mascot costume will look like. Then it’s your turn to validate it, or maybe ask for some adjustments. Be careful, this is a crucial step because this is what will condition the look of your mascot. Please feel free to ask our designers for more details or changes. After all, that’s what we’re here for! As soon as you give us your final validation, we launch the manufacturing of the mascot.


With the visual work validated, the production process is on. Your future mascot is coming to life! You just need a little patience…


Before we send it, you will receive a picture of your mascot costume for one last check. Different modes of transports are possible:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your custom-made mascot costume can represent an animal, a fictional or historical character, a fruit, a vegetable… Your mascot will help you get the attention of consumers. It does not only help promoting your brand, it can also be used to highlight events you’re organizing in your company. You should not hesitate to add a picture of your mascot on every promotional document, and on your website. It will make a huge difference helping your clients identifying you. A little tip to retain your audience: accessories such as key rings, stickers, or miniatures in the shape of your mascot are a good way to reinforce your brand identity.
Contrary to what people commonly think, it is not all dark inside a mascot costume. Thanks to a sheer fabric, you can properly see while wearing the costume. This fabric is usually placed on openings such as the eyes, mouth, of something else depending on what your mascot looks like.
Not all of our mascot costumes have a ventilation system; it depends on their manufacturing. An electric fan can be placed inside, to avoid a heat stroke. To get the best temperature when in the mascot costume, there are other types of convenient devices: for example you can use a cooling jacket or vest, which features special pockets where you can insert cooling packs. And just like that, you keep fresh in your costume. Another idea to lower the temperature: put a cooling strip around your neck. The ideal solution to keep fresh for a small price!
Yes! If you want to, we can manufacture your mascot’s head only. This won’t change the production process in any way.
It depends on how much you use it. We produce our mascots so that they can be operational for a few years. Anyways it is very important that every time you use your mascot it looks perfect, because it represents your image towards your consumers. To extend its service life, you have to ensure a good maintenance. For example, you can spray a bit of hot water with detergent to clean the dirty spots, or cold water with alcohol to get rid of germs. However, make sure to use your cleaning products carefully. If they have too many chemicals, it could deteriorate your mascot costume. To prevent your mascot costume colours from fading, remember to clean each part separately. Pour prolonger la durée de vie de votre mascotte, il est important de bien l’entretenir. Par exemple, vous pouvez vaporiser un peu d’eau chaude avec du détergent pour nettoyer les zones sales, ou avec de l’eau froide et un peu d’alcool pour enlever les germes. Toutefois, veillez à utiliser vos produits nettoyants avec prudence. S’ils contiennent trop de produits chimiques, ils peuvent détériorer votre mascotte. Afin d’éviter que les couleurs de votre mascotte ne déteignent, nettoyez chaque partie une par une.
No, because the service life of a mascot costume depends on how much it is used, and how. It is impossible to define the coverage of guarantee for such products.
The first rule when it comes to creating a mascot is making sure the mascot design as much as your company’s name are visible. One shouldn’t take over the other. Also, be careful not to change the look of your mascot too quickly. The public needs time to identify you properly.
Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your mascot as long as possible.

Maintenance :

To ensure a long duration for your mascot, it is essential to keep it in a dry and ventilated place avoiding to pile the different parts on top of each other at the risk of deforming them. For the mascot body, the best way is to suspend it to favour its ventilation and, consequently, its drying. The head must dry in the inverted position if the mascot has weathered. When transporting your mascot, whether before or after your activity, do not forget to protect the eyes of the mascot. Some climatic conditions are not appropriate for the use of your mascot such as snow or rain : this damages materials and therefore degrades the general condition of your mascot.

Cleaning :

Some parts of your mascot can not be washed. To clean the head, wings and shoes, we advise you to use baby wipes and our special mascot maintenance kit.
Regarding the pants and the body of the mascot, prefer a hand wash in cold water. Accessories such as : shorts, neck warmers, t-shirts and gloves are machine washable (wash at 30°). After washing, it is important to thoroughly dry all parts of your mascot before storing. Warning ! Do not use an iron or tumble dryer for your mascot or you may damage the materials. We propose a cleaning service for your mascot, you can send us your mascot, we will take care of its maintenance and sen dit back to you (on estimate).