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    • Mascotte poussin
      Mascotte poussin
      Mascot for your entertainment and shows.  Professional French mascot complying with CE and REACH...
      €290.84 Price
    • Mascotte chien
      Mascotte chien
      Costume for animations and shows.  Professional mascot made in France complying with CE and REACH...
      €515.84 Price
    • mascotte cadeau
      mascotte cadeau
      Mascot gift or gift pakage.  Costume for adult. Plush mascot gift made in France that complies...
      €515.84 Price
      Mascotte baleine
      Mascotte baleine
      Costume for all your shows and animations.  Professional mascot made in France, in compliance...
      €615.84 Price

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Custom-made mascot
Want to boost your brand image ?

Planet Mascot, an exclusive custom-made mascot costumes manufacturing offer

With Planet Mascot, it’s very easy : you tell us what would be your mascot costume choice, and from there we deal with everything. As experts of custom-made creation, our team will adapt to all your desires.

About us

Planet Mascot is the expert of mascot costumes retail online. Our team of specialists will work with you to accommodate your specific needs, whatever your requirements. We can also create a custom-made mascot costume for your professional events, or any other kind of promotional work. Our mission? Assisting you in your quality approach, in order to retain and develop your customer network.

Manufacturing equipment

Our teams will use sustainable products for the making of your mascot costume. The main goal is to give it the best service life. Regarding the type of product you want, we will check with you the different materials to be used (fabrics, plush, plastic, foam…).

Made in France

All the mascot costumes in our catalogue are produced on the French territory. It is important for us to value and develop local jobs, and to inform our clients about the origin of the materials used for our mascots.

Creation of your custom-made mascot costume

Simply to have people talk about you and your products, and help you expand your network. A mascot costume is a great advertising tool : it promotes your activity in a very original and recreational way. In this very competitive market, it is essential to make the difference. As a personalized marketing tool, a custom-made mascot costume will convey your image like no other medium. It will help your clients identify your company with a strong visual signature ; hence the importance of creating a mascot that fits your identity ! Planet Mascot will help you build your success with a unique and innovative communication tool.

A mascot ? What for ?

If you already have a basic idea, you can send it to us as a drawing, a picture or even a sketch. We will reach out to our expert designers, who will help develop your ideas into a graphic artwork. Our spirit? Offering you the ultimate product customization! You can choose the colour, the size, the outfit, the logo, and any other element. In need of consultant advices about the design of your mascot costume ? We are available for you and happy to answer any question you may have, please feel free to contact us and exchange about your project !


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